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Japanese Dinnerware

Japanese Dinnerware

Do you want traditional blue and white Japanese dinnerware? Then you will find it here. Looking for something different? Try our Oribe dinnerware made to invoke the forms of nature. Need a North American style place setting? See our large plates and various bowls.

Cast Iron Tea Pots

Tetsubin, cast iron teapots, used to both boil water and brew tea. Then once brewed pore your tea into Japanese tea cups or matcha bowls or just pore the boiling water into a cup of loose green tea leaves. Japanese tetsubin and cast iron teapots both enhance your experience and brew a better hotter cup of tea.

You will find everything you need to enjoy your own tea ceremony or afternoon tea break here.

Blue & White Porcelain

Blue and white porcelain originated in the 14th century. Because it has remained popular for centuries it makes an idea gift that will likely remain popular for years more.

Arita blue and white Japanese dinnerware is made with a cobalt underglaze on a white or off white surface. Since the making of porcelain was a closely guarded secret in China it was not actually made in Japan until 300 years later. Due to the correct clay deposits being found around Arita, Japan it is here that Japanese blue and white porcelain is produced. Many of these same kilns still make porcelain today.

Imari wares are also made in Arita though they are named after the port of Imari from which they made there way to Europe. Because we have numerous sources you can find all types of Japanese porcelain here.

Our Picks

Oribe ware

Kosui Series

This Sea Blue line of Japanese dinnerware is our most popular. It is created in the Japanese traditional of “oribe ware”: blue-green vitriol glazes with the lustre of fine glass and decorations done in an iron glaze.

The oribe tradition is hundreds of years old but has a very modern sensibility. Pieces are often slightly deformed and the effect is pleasingly natural.

Our Sea Blue line ranges from noodle, rice and serving bowls to dinner plates and sushi plates. And you can complete your table setting with Japanese soup spoons, tea and coffee cups. Get everything you need to elevate your table to a new level of beauty.

Shoyeido Japanese Incense

Japanese Incense

We are now carrying Shoyeido Incense. the Hata family continue to create an amazing array of fragrances. Shoyeido incense, operated by the the Hata family for generations is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth.

Shoyeido’s blending process employs highly trained “masters” draw upon centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. Creating fragrances this way is a delicate art form. Only the finest raw materials are used. The results are remarkable, subtle scents that beckon us to use all of our senses — what the Japanese call mon-koh, or “listening to incense.”

Shoyeido products are the preferred incense for most temples in Japan and their unique blends are the natural solution for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home.

Cherry Blossom Japanese Dinnerware

Cherry Blossom Tableware

Cherry blossoms or “sakura” are the heralds of spring. Our cherry blossom line of Japanese dinnerware is our most extensive and very popular both here in North America and in Japan.

Branches of white cherry blossoms on a soft blue ground as fresh as spring decorate these pieces. We have round and square dinner plates and side plates. There are a variety of bowls for noodles, soups, rice dishes  and even bowls to serve these foods. Coffee cups, tea cups, serving plates and tea pots, everything you need is found in this one line.

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    Cherry Blossom Dinner Plate

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    Yanagi Sushi Knife, no-stick

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    Sea Blue Dinner Plate

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